Retail lighting specialist comments on the industry’s biggest trends

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Retail lighting specialist comments on the industry’s biggest trends

An article published in a recent issue of LUX Magazine has highlighted several reasons why retail organisations are holding back on investing in LED lighting solutions.

The piece, entitled ‘The eight biggest trends in retail lighting’, covers the latest thoughts on LED lighting from inside the retail sector. The article concludes that although there is increasing take-up of the new technology, scepticism over quality, the risk of investing and justifying initial outlays are some of the top reasons companies are hesitant to jump on board.

Our take on things…

As a specialist in energy-efficient shop lighting, we understand that the lack of transparency in the industry (coupled with scepticism over finance options) has also had a big part to play in the confusion surrounding LED lighting systems. Retail clients are still in the dark about which lighting solutions will suit their premises and how best they can go about installing and financing these solutions for long-term benefits.

Our view is simple: Instead of promoting LEDs at all costs, we want to put the focus on providing the best solution for each retail client. Increased sales will always take precedence over reduced energy usage – but with the right lighting system, retail organisations can have both!

As access to finance is often the major hurdle to energy-efficient lighting upgrades in the retail sector, we have launched a lighting finance scheme that allows clients to make savings immediately. For customers – this means they are able to benefit from a modern, efficient lighting system that pays for itself with the money saved on energy bills.

With no risk and no capital outlay needed, retail organisations can feel confident in embracing the new technology and gaining efficient lighting which ideally suits their purposes.

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