Retail lighting: The importance of uniformity of lighting

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Retail lighting: The importance of uniformity of lighting

Lighting is a powerful marketing tool. A brilliantly illuminated space, with different zones, feels inviting. It encourages customers to linger and, ultimately, converts footfall to sales.


Uniform lighting is about creating a consistent store experience and pleasing aesthetics. It allows people to navigate comfortably within an environment without sudden breaks caused by different light levels.

After you’ve taken the time to decide on the right lighting for your store it’s important to ensure that any replacement fittings match the output that the design intends. Too often replacement fittings are based on what the local wholesaler has available, rather than what’s needed. Eventually the well designed, uniform lighting you had across the store starts to vary and look inconsistent. This will only worsen over time as more replacements are required, resulting in an unpleasant and confusing ambience to your store.



One size does not fit all

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a replacement, such as product fit, body type/colour, colour temperature, lumen output and beam angle, to name but a few. Without this detail, how can you possibly get the right replacement?!


How can we help?


At Greenlite Group we understand the difficulties this can cause, so to make it easier we can source replacement lighting products that fit the exact requirements of your lighting design. We can help to provide uniformity through:

  • Ease of fitting
  • Colour temperature
  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Lumen output
  • Body colour

We can also provide a ‘handy pocket retrofit booklet’, so you can easily find out what you already have and which replacement you need.


How do we work?


We’re open, honest and straightforward in the way that we work.

  • Our team visit site to survey the existing lighting systems.
  • Our experienced lighting designers source replacement products that meet your organisational requirements.
  • We keep bonded stock at our large UK warehouse at no extra cost. This way, we are able to supply replacements products with no delays to your programme.
  • To support our confidence in our products we provide 5-year warranties. The warranty process is simple, there are no complicated forms, just send us an email and we’ll sort the rest.
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