Retrofit Low Energy Lighting for instant savings

Category: Lighting

Greenlite UK has recently launched a commercial low energy lighting retrofit service for UK companies wanting to take advantage of reduced lighting energy consumption and costs without the wait for Capex spending approval.

Greenlite has rolled out a successful programme where they visit a company, survey the existing lighting systems and make written proposals on the retrofit solutions for the existing fixtures saving the client potentially thousands of pounds a year on the lighting energy costs. By reusing the existing housings and replacing the current inefficient lighting technology within the fixture with the latest globally sourced low energy lighting solution, Greenlite UK are able to remove the waste of capital expenditure for replacing an existing fixture which may have a lifespan typically of 10-15 years. In addition, by using the existing fixtures, there is little or now repair work required to the ceiling and roof tiles further reducing the cost of these energy saving lighting solutions.

Commercial clients are now able to make instant savings on their lighting energy costs which can be as much as 70%. For clients unable to fund the cost of only the lights, Greenlite UK can provide leasing solutions so no Capex is required at all and the cost of the lease can be more than covered by the energy savings from day one. Greenlite has a nationwide team of engineers currently providing lighting installation and maintenance services to over 5,500 sites across the UK.

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