Security lighting: Putting staff safety first

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Security lighting: Putting staff safety first

It’s a shocking statistic, but according to British Retail Consortium figures, 13 retail workers are injured nearly every day in a violent incident. Worryingly, it seems hostility towards shop staff is on the increase, with the rate of injuries doubling in a year.

Union Usdaw say staff on night shifts can feel particularly vulnerable, with members reporting intimidation when closing up late at night, an assault in a car park and even armed robbery.

With violence on the rise and the dark winter nights upon us, it’s more important than ever to put the safety of your staff first. Here, Greenlite Group explains how the right lighting can help.

Keep car parks illuminated. If staff are arriving or leaving in the dark, they need to feel and be safe. Ensure lighting is appropriate for the size of the car park and that it doesn’t produce glare. This can dazzle employees and also create areas of shadow, which and can potentially be taken advantage of by intruders.

Cater for the space. Bear in mind that an outdoor carpark will need a different lighting design to a covered parking area, which can be more complex to navigate and illuminate.

Control shrubs and trees. They provide the perfect shadowy hiding place for unwanted visitors.

Enhance your CCTV. Professionally maintained security cameras are a good way to deter criminals, but ensure lighting is positioned in a way that will improve, not diminish the footage.

Keep pathways clear. Ensure staff have adequate lighting to safely navigate paths. This could include flood lights, corner fixtures and ground level fittings.

Consider sensors. In areas that don’t need to be permanently illuminated, movements sensors can be a practical safety solution. They automatically power down when the area is unoccupied, yet spring into action when motion is detected. Likewise, consider daylight sensors, which ensure the lights to kick into action as soon as the natural light dips below a predetermined level.

Position switches sensibly. If exterior lights need manual control, ensure staff don’t have to walk across an unlit space in order to switch them on.

Maintenance matters. There’s little point in having a state-of the-art lighting system if it’s poorly maintained. Check lights regularly to ensure they are clean and in good working order. Greenlite Group provides comprehensive packages, which can include planned and reactive maintenance.

Greenlite Group can devise a low cost, low energy lighting scheme to improve the safety of your staff. For more information and to book a free appointment, call 0844 880 2116.

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