SME owners: How lighting controls can save you energy and cash

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SME owners: How lighting controls can save you energy and cash

When it comes to bills, the chances are that lighting is persistently nibbling away at your bottom line. In fact, figures from the Carbon Trust suggest it can account for an eye-watering 40% of your building’s electricity usage.

But at Greenlite, we specialise in helping SME’s throughout the UK to upgrade their lighting systems and save thousands on their energy costs. With almost a third of small firms acknowledging that energy bills are impeding their growth, there’s never been a better time to look at easy ways to reduce your lighting expenditure.

Solutions include swapping electricity-guzzling halogen or fluorescent bulbs for LEDs, but the key to energy efficiency also lies in being mindful of the way we use it. Cue lighting controls, which can quickly reduce usage, helping your business save serious energy and cash into the bargain.

Indeed, the rewards can be sizeable. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average SME could reduce energy bills by up to 25% by installing energy efficiency measures.

The right solution for your business

Bob Hall, director at Greenlite Lighting Solutions, says that to get value from lighting controls, it’s important to recognise what’s right for your business.

He explains: “Lighting controls can benefit your business, but it’s vital to identify what you’re trying to achieve, in order to reap the rewards. Ask your supplier to be crystal clear with you about exactly how the controls will help your bottom line.”

  • Simple improvements can include installing daylight sensors, which detect the level of natural light and dim or brighten the artificial light accordingly. These can lead to considerable savings, especially in summer.
  • Likewise, a ‘last man out switch’ means that, at the touch of a button, the final person to leave the building can power down all non-essential lights. This easy-to-fit solution can lead to savings of up to 40%.
  • Another easy win involves installing movement sensors in meeting rooms and storage sections, which automatically switch off the lights when the area is unoccupied. Of course staff safety must always be borne in mind when it comes to sensors, and it’s essential that the workforce are always able to operate under well-lit conditions.

A happy team is a profitable team

Installing energy efficient controls can lead to less obvious cash savings too. By improving the quality of light you’ll foster happier staff, and a happy team is an industrious team.

Lighting controls don’t just enhance your green credentials, they can improve profit and increase productivity.

Perhaps most importantly for SME’s, they don’t need to cost the earth. Funding is also available – Greenlite Group is Carbon Trust accredited, which means eligible customers can receive a capital contribution of up to 15% of the project cost, up to a maximum of £5,000.

Bob Hall adds: “Lighting controls give you and your staff the right light, when and where you need it. They’re there to make energy saving even easier – it’s all about making the most of every opportunity to switch off.”

To find out how Greenlite Group can enable your business to benefit from lighting controls, call 0844 880 2116.

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