SMEs: How human centric lighting can benefit your office

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SMEs: How human centric lighting can benefit your office

Give your staff a boost, with a lighting system that supports their wellbeing

If you run an SME, our blogs have hopefully ensured you’re fully versed in the vast cost savings associated with swapping traditional lighting to energy-efficient LEDs. But have you ever considered the other benefits a lighting overhaul could have for you and your staff? You might be surprised to know the positive impact can go way beyond boosting your bottom line. In fact, there’s increasing evidence to suggest that exposure to the right light, at the right time, could improve our ability to deal with stress, help us sleep better and make us feel more alert.

How light affects us

Our daily wake / sleep cycle is fundamentally linked to the rising and setting of the sun. Daylight stimulates our circadian rhythm, giving our brain its cue to wake up in the morning. By night, low lighting tells our bodies it’s time to wind down and release sleep inducing hormone, melatonin. But modern life can play havoc with this natural rhythm. We expose our bodies to bright light at night then, all too often, starve ourselves of a decent level of light by day. The result? Poor lighting is thought to have links with depression, lower productivity and health issues.

The Human-Centric solution

Imagine then, if we could tailor office lighting, so it supports our daily rhythms. Enter human-centric LED systems, which are designed to give us great visibility, while also supporting our wellbeing. Human-centric lighting can be adjusted in colour and intensity throughout the working day, bolstering our changing needs.

When we need energy levels to be stimulated – often in the morning or during the post lunch ‘slump’ – luminaires can be programmed so they are brighter, with a cooler colour temperature. When peace and calm is needed, warmer lighting comes into play. Of course there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so you and your workforce will also be able to tweak the lighting settings to suit individual needs. It’s a flexible, bespoke solution.

The positive impact

Studies suggest that getting the light right doesn’t just support our daily rhythms. It can also influence how people feel about their working environment, with some reporting that a higher intensity of light makes a space seem livelier and more relaxed. And while more research is needed, it’s been suggested that exposure to brighter light during the day may also encourage better sleep, hopefully with the knock-on effect that we feel invigorated when awake.

Ultimately, a happy, energised workforce is likely to result in lower staff turnover, perhaps even boosting productivity. That’s got to be good for your bottom line.

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