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A new lighting association has been launched to act as the global voice of the lighting industry covering all commercial lighting issues. The Global Lighting Association which was previously known as the Global Lighting Forum has a new vision, mission and aims but will still represent the interests of the same members as the Lighting Forum but with more focus on current lighting issues.

As the world moves towards low energy lighting solutions, both at home and in the workplace, the commercial lighting market has never been so buoyant and fast moving and the launch of The Global Lighting Association comes at a time of great business challenges for those involved in the commercial lighting sector.

The main aim of The Global Lighting Association is to influence government and private business through lobbying utilising product development and publishing information concerning the global commercial lighting market.

Jan Denneman, president of The Global Lighting Association said “The rejuvenation of The Global Lighting Association comes at a time when the lighting industry in undergoing massive transformation towards LEDs. This new technology provides tremendous new opportunities and our mission is to promote the use of sustainable energy efficient lighting solutions.”

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