The Greenlite essential update; halogen spotlights are now banned

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The Greenlite essential update; halogen spotlights are now banned

The Guardian has just reported; halogen spotlights are to be phased out across Europe.

The move, long in the waiting, will spark an already ascendant LED sector into further growth. ‘Energy-gobbling halogen spotlights will be phased out across Europe, in a boost for super-efficient LEDs ahead of a wider halogen bulb ban in 2018,’ wrote The Guardian.

But why have the moves come, and what should savvy businesses be doing to react?

Why are halogen spotlights being banned?

The Guardian explains that the European Commission sees lightbulb efficiency rules as a no-brainer, arguing EU standards across all product ranges will save the average consumer €465 a year on energy bills by 2020.

Of course, the laws will also rein in greenhouse gas emissions, as lighting accounts for about as much power use as the residential electricity consumption of the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands combined.

“With bulb purchase costs included, British homes on the average tariff will pay £126 per socket over a 10 year period for halogen lights, compared to £16 for LEDs,” Jack Hunter, a coolproducts spokesman, told The Guardian.

The benefits of LED alternatives

Which? magazine has advised its readers to switch to LEDs, which can cut lighting electricity bills by up to 90%, explains The Guardian’s analysis.

‘LED spotlight prices have fallen by more than 80% in the last five years, according to market experts, prompting Ikea to remove halogen bulbs from its stores last year,’ writes the paper.

“While LEDs are a fantastic alternative, they are not all made equal,” comments Bob Hall, Managing Director of commercial lighting installers Greenlite.

“For the best colour tone, reliability, life length and beauty of light, it is sensible to consult an LED expert, like Greenlite, to offer the best solution for your needs.

“The halogen ban proves what we’ve known for some time; namely that LEDs are more sustainable and they are also vastly more cost effective over their entire life.

“But they are also new to some consumers, and new to some businesses too. That’s why, as the new breed of LEDs begins to become the first choice for home, office and retail lighting, we need clear guidance and transparent advice on the best LEDs, and how the change from halogen should be realised.

“At Greenlite, we’re here to provide this advice and ensure the new generation of LEDs take pride of place across the country. They provide cash savings, and they are helping grow a greener UK. That’s why we are delighted to be helping deliver the shift.”

The Guardian says that in 2013, 154 million directional halogen bulbs were sold in Europe, a fifth of the overall 772 million halogen bulb market that year.

First hit by the ban will be GU10 halogen spotlights and PAR30 halogen floodlights (big reflector lamps). Bulbs with an energy label rating of B or above, such as low-voltage halogen spotlights, will not be affected.

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