The Greenlite quick and easy guide; specifying energy efficient store lighting

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The Greenlite quick and easy guide; specifying energy efficient store lighting

Specifying and procuring the best retail lights is a tough process. Whether a retail chain employee, procurement manager, estates manager or external M&E consultant, the right lights matter.

Value for money, sustainability and quality; all jostle for top position. Moreover, the choice is essential, lighting sells goods and shifts units, it’s a fundamental part of the retail experience.

Therefore, some help navigating the retail lighting maze is needed. Here’s our short and sweet guide to what you should know.

Accurate colour rendering index (CRI)

With the best, most accurate CRI, the colours of the merchandise should look natural. It’s no leap of genius to understand why that matters. While halogen lighting has been traditionally favoured for its colour rendition properties, LED lighting now provides the same quality for a fraction of the running cost.

Choose the right colour temperature

There are subtler reasons why LEDs can help. With overall store lighting, brightness and ‘colour temperature’ are key. For example, store with bright, white light may traditionally be considered ‘low cost,’ while warmer, lower light levels can indicate luxury and relaxation.

Neutral light, as opposed to warm or cool light, may also be more pleasant for customers, meaning that they linger for longer. Dimmable, scene setting LEDs can manifest all of these advantages.

But you must work too; it’s essential that you define your customer and then consider what is best, so your store lighting suits your demographic.

Fitting room lighting

This is crucial to get right, a great many purchasing decisions are made in here. Privacy means customers can choose in comfort, they shouldn’t be dazzled. Equally, they need to see merchandise clearly and easily.

Greenlite can help retailers light their changing rooms in a way that avoids harsh, unforgiving light, keeps unflattering shadows to a minimum and bring out the colours of the clothes.

It proves the right lights don’t just offer high quality store lighting solutions. They relax customers, encourage trade and build a more pleasant experience for storekeeper and customer alike. The flexibility of LEDs is ideal in these circumstances.

Directional store lighting

Directional lighting should highlight merchandise, direct customers to the goods they need to see, and create a sensory pathway around the store.

Consider which are your key products. Then highlight and position these accordingly. You want to use your best light to pinpoint your key sales targets.

And intriguingly, free daylight can be your best friend. Studies have shown that people purchase more when products are displayed under daylight. The reason for this may be that it makes people feel good, explains this article. It also renders the colours of products accurately.

“Choosing the best retail lighting is a tough challenge,” says Bob Hall, Managing Director, Greenlite. “But by combining the strengths of LED retail lighting and the modern context of lighting, you can dim, direct, colour and show off products to your heart’s content.

“The only real key is this; don’t ignore retail lighting. It can alter your sales performance in an instant when done right. At Greenlite, we have years of experience and are delighted to advise and assist.”

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