The Lighting Doctor shares his 2018 insights

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The Lighting Doctor shares his 2018 insights

Greenlite’s Managing Director, Bob Hall, shares his thoughts on what will be big in lighting and how consultants can add value to customers

Christmas has come and gone, the decorations are down; the New Year has been thoroughly welcomed in and the lighting industry has returned to work. So what does 2018 have in store for this Winter Olympic and Brexit-approach year? Here is what we’ll be concentrating on for winning performance:

Connected Lighting

The Internet of Things combines interconnectivity with personalisation, and the potential is almost limitless. This year we’ll see even more of this: for example, a lamppost can now tell you where a parking space is and whether your car will fit the space.

Lighting in retail stores will communicate with mobile phones when customers are in-store to promote offers. In addition, information on what that customer has already looked at online will be used to direct them to the product in-store and inform them of the availability of stock in their size, colour preference etc. Other areas of the store will also assist in the buying process, with IoT-enabled mirrors in changing rooms showing customers on-screen alternatives to garments they are trying on.

Human-centric lighting

As seen at LuxLive last November, Human-centric lighting will continue to grow in importance in both the public sector – health, schools etc – and the commercial/office sector.

The proven results for LED lighting to slash energy bills and improve working conditions will enable real progress towards meeting the Government’s targets for schools to reduce emissions by 35% and the NHS to turn its estate to LED by 2020. The newest developments in LED will provide maximum light output with minimal glare ratings (UGR), enabling interconnected lighting and multiple functions through lighting.

We will be introducing our new product ‘SoundLite’ this year, combining multiple product functionality through sound and light, which will create comfortable working environments and encourage maximum productivity.


At Greenlite we are committed to finding the most up-to-date reliable technologies for our clients. We source the most suitable option to balance maximum light output with maximum energy savings, enabling organisations throughout the UK to switch to a quality LED system, while helping them achieve greater staff wellbeing, performance and productivity.

In addition, our customers benefit from the zero-maintenance factor of LED, plus we offer a 5-year warranty on parts and labour for peace of mind and quality assurance.

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