Tried and trusted: how FMs can make the most of new system investments

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Tried and trusted: how FMs can make the most of new system investments

It’s a scenario with which many facilities managers will be familiar, if not exactly comfortable. A fundamental building system – such as a lighting or heating installation – is beginning to show signs of its age and is requiring more and more part-replacements and visits by in-house or third-party engineers. Maintenance costs are beginning to climb up, and there is a growing list of reasons to question the efficiency of the system.

Inevitably, things will progress to the point where FMs and their teams must consider the prospect of outright replacement. At the best of times this means a substantial outlay in terms of both time to research and identify the most suitable system, and also in the expense accrued from the technology itself and the personnel required to install and test it. Then, if the installation is not planned for minimum disruption, there is the possibility of expensive downtime in whole areas of a facility.

For all these reasons it makes sense to engage specialist companies who are able to cover all the bases – manufacturing, specifying, installing and maintaining – when it comes to core building systems. At Greenlite we have always made a point of offering such extensive services in our lighting business, cooperating closely with the client to ensure they end up with a solution that lasts and remains cost-efficient.

Aware that major systems purchases can put a notable dent in a company’s business bank account, we design LED lighting systems that can often deliver RoI periods of only a year or two. To help with the investment we also work with a number of specialist financiers who have long track-records of helping companies to acquire new building technologies.

Once up and running, lighting-related energy costs can be lowered by 60% or more, while the extended lifecycles common to LED solutions mean that maintenance and replacement costs will be substantially reduced.

No FM will ever savour the prospect of discussing a new building system with their superiors, but by enlisting the help of a supplier who can manufacture efficient, high-quality products – as well as provide the services that allow their use to be fully optimised – the conversation can be made considerably easier.

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