UK building stock could save £1.3bn per year through efficiency

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UK building stock could save £1.3bn per year through efficiency

Source: Energyzine

The UK’s commercial building stock has the potential to save £1.3bn per year by implementing energy efficiency measures with a payback of less than three years, a new Government report into building stock in 2014/15 has found.

The projected figures, part of the ‘Building Energy Efficiency Survey 2014/15’ from the recently formed Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), equate to a 39 per cent reduction from current energy consumption.

The measures with the largest potential savings are carbon and energy management, lighting replacement and control and building services instrumentation and control measures, which if put together represent 55 per cent of the total abatement potential.

The paper identifies that the most commonly perceived barriers to energy efficiency are economic, including such reasons as low capital availability, investment costs and a lack of potential profit.

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