Well-designed retail lighting can increase sales by up to 264%

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Research carried out by Greenlite Lighting Solutions Ltd, the UK’s leading low energy lighting maintenance company based at Blackpool in Lancashire, has found that well designed retail lighting can increase sales by up to 264%

Retailers do not want light fixtures, they want light. Proper lighting increases sales and increases profits. A study has shown that the right atmosphere can be more important than the product itself. Greenlite has carried out research based on their case studies that has identified examples where sales have increased by 264% following a complete lighting re-design. The right light brings about moods, creates emotions, and arouses desires.

Greenlite understands that high quality environmental and dramatic lighting provides a Retailer with a distinct advantage over their competitors from the offset.  Potential customers are attracted to stores that are well lit and look inviting – this also makes potential customers stay in the stores longer which increases the chances of them spending money. The knock on effect of this is increased revenue and greater profits.

People with disposable incomes want to be seen shopping at stores that supply the latest ranges. Ranges that are well illuminated by lighting enhances the buying process. Shopping psychology highlights that it’s all about the experience for a lot of potential customers and lighting is a close 2nd to merchandise when it comes to the overall buying experience. Greenlite appreciate that lighting is a major factor in the decision making process both for general lighting within the store and around the walls to create dramatic effects.

A Greenlite spokesman said: “the lighting industry has focused too much on selling physical “lights” and fixtures when in fact it’s the outcome of these products, the lighting that actually benefits the customers and is what they are really interested in. Whilst the light fittings may be attractive, may be revolutionary and may save energy and money, it’s the light that they produce that can have such a significant effect on the retailer’s sales figures. The work we have completed over the last few years proves this is the case and lighting is more than just reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs”

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