Why improving your warehouse lighting is WELL worth it

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Why improving your warehouse lighting is WELL worth it

LED lighting can have a big impact on staff health, wellbeing and productivity

From fast-moving forklift trucks, to heavy stock and operating at height, warehouses can be notoriously hazardous places to work. Yet it’s never been more important to focus on the health and safety of those employed in the industry – thanks to the e-commerce boom, more people than ever are working in storage depots and distribution centres worldwide.

According to the HSE, slips and trips account for around a quarter of the major injuries sustained in warehousing. Manual handling, being hit by moving objects and falls from height are also behind a significant number of accidents, all of which can have serious long-term consequences. Then of course there’s emotional health implications to consider too – night shifts, dingy lighting and high pressure can all have a corrosive impact on employee wellbeing.

At Greenlite, we believe it’s vital not to underestimate the impact that good and bad lighting can have on both staff wellbeing and productivity. That’s why we’ve launched our WELL Warehouse survey, which encourages those in the industry to tell us (anonymously) how lighting improvements have changed their work environment for the better.

With their high ceilings, narrow aisles, racking and open spaces, warehouses are notoriously difficult environments to light, yet investing in good quality LED fittings can have multiple benefits for your business. Here are eight reasons why we think improving your warehouse lighting is WELL worth it…

Slips and trips: They should be preventable, yet they are amongst the most common warehouse accidents. They account for around a quarter of injuries, such as bruising, broken bones or long-term health complications. Keeping floors free of obstacles is one obvious safety measure, but bright, evenly dispersed lighting is also essential, ensuring workers have clear sight of any lurking hazards.

Accuracy: If staff can’t see clearly, they stand little chance of doing their job well. Poor lighting can lead to potentially costly packing mistakes, as well as eyestrain and increased stress levels.

Security: External lighting is no less important. Workers arriving for night shifts need to feel safe from unwanted intruders, which means car parks and pathways should be clearly illuminated.

Glare: Reversing trucks pose a big danger in warehouses, and accidents involving vehicles are a big cause of injury. A good lighting design can help eliminate glare and shadowy corners, improving lines of sight for those manning forklifts and pallet trucks.

Productivity: It’s well documented that dingy conditions make it harder to concentrate. A brightly-lit workspace can help employees feel alert and focused, not to mention happier. It’s not such a great leap to believe that this can in turn improve job satisfaction and productivity.

Emergency back up: Imagine operating a forklift or working in a freezer room, then being suddenly plunged into darkness. It would be startling, not to mention potentially dangerous. Emergency lighting is an essential part of any set up, keeping staff safe should the unexpected happen.

Flexibility: LED fixtures offer flexibility, with motion detectors, daylight sensors and dimmers. These all enable the level of light to be adjusted throughout the day and night, to suit the workforce’s changing visual needs.

Low hassle: Elevated warehouse ceilings can make it time consuming and complicated to replace burnt out bulbs. LED fixtures last significantly longer, potentially minimising hassle and decreasing the amount of time workers spend operating under reduced light, while a repair is awaited.


Greenlite Group can devise a low cost, low energy warehouse lighting scheme to improve the wellbeing of your staff. For more information and to book a free appointment, call 0844 880 2116.

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