Why it pays to get a grip on your business energy usage

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Why it pays to get a grip on your business energy usage

By reaching a solid understanding of how your business consumes electricity, you could reap some serious cash rewards. 

As energy prices continue to inch up, it’s more important than ever to get a handle on your electricity consumption. Here at Greenlite Group, we are dedicated to helping you master your energy usage, by installing new technologies such as modern, efficient LED lighting and clever controls. Our expertise will put you firmly back in the driver’s seat, reducing your carbon footprint and boosting your bottom line in the process.

Get under the skin of it

But in order to manage your energy consumption and reduce your bills, we all need to understand exactly how, where and when the electricity is being used. Once we really get to the bottom of it, we can pinpoint exactly where you’re wasting energy, and quickly identify areas ripe for improvement.

Sub-metering is a great way to monitor energy usage across different departments, or even in individual pieces of equipment. But if you don’t have power meters in place, here are a few statistics from the Carbon Trust, which may give you a clearer idea of where your electricity is going.

Did you know, for example, that chillers swallow a startling 8% of a site’s electricity, while air handling units and other HVAC guzzle around 16%. Lighting uses over 40%, yet thousands of businesses throw significant amounts of cash down the drain, illuminating vacant car parks, empty warehouses and even window displays throughout the night.

Take control

The good news is that once we know where you’re wasting energy, Greenlite can quickly help you take control of the situation. Could you be haemorrhaging cash by lighting empty meeting rooms or back offices? Movement sensors would provide a simple solution. Easy to install, they ensure the lights automatically switch off once a space has been unoccupied for a specified length of time.

Additional savings can be made if you address the question of when you use energy. If the lights always seem to be blazing, even when the sun is out, daylight sensors may prove the answer. They activate when the light outside falls beneath a pre-set level, automatically ensuring you don’t waste energy indoors on bright days.

Likewise, using technologies such as integrated energy management systems, zoned control and automatic controls for heating and lighting systems, which have been chosen to meet your business’ specific needs, can ensure you’re operating efficiently.

Last man out switches, which turn off all the lights at the flick of a button, can also lead to vast cash benefits. When Greenlite Group installed the devices in 15 B&M stores, they estimated the business would save over £11,000 in the first two months alone.

If you’re interested in seeking clarity on your energy consumption, consider booking an Energy Watch Audit with Greenlite. Our experts will analyse your energy data and visit your site, before identifying areas ripe for improvement. We’ll follow that up with simple, cost effective solutions, which will quickly pay dividends.

In case you still need to be convinced, we’ll leave you with this: according to the Carbon Trust, reducing your energy usage by 20% can translate to a massive 5% increase in sales. That’s a saving not to be sniffed at!


Find out more about making positive energy changes in our book, Knowledge is Power, the Greenlite guide to smarter energy. For your copy, contact hello@greenlitegroup.co.uk or call us on 0844 880 2116. 

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